Friday, June 24, 2011

Main loop

I've been working on the infrastructure for the program. Matters like resource handling, memory structure and access to functionality. These are important, but don't describe the program itself. I can have test runs with programs that try the functionality of different aspects of the program, but they're not what I'm after.

Games have a pretty standard structure. They're basically a loop, where you poll for input, update the state, and render to the screen. This loop runs dozens of times per second in a normal game. A game running at thirty fps is running through this loop thirty times per second. Each run is generally referred to as a frame, since you can consider the discrete changes in state between each run a snapshot, and the sequence of snapshots a movie.

So, after I got entities and models being loaded into my resource managers, I figured I ought to do something with them. I'm going to replicate the loop in the 'game', though for the moment there's not going to be any even handling or much of a game state. Or actual rendering.

This structure fits within the 'Execution' method. After setting things up, within a while loop (with a suitable 'running' variable) I call a 'Render' method. The method should start with a ModelView matrix stack set to the Identity matrix. The projection matrix is set once and should not change unless something dramatic happens, like resizing the screen or changing the FOV, so it's not handled in here.

Then, we multiply the ModelView matrix by the View matrix, which represents the camera position. Then, we start calling the list of entities. For each entity, we add the model matrix to the stack, draw the entity, and pop the ModelView stack. This is it as far as rendering is concerned.

I don't really need to be concerned that I'm not working with OpenGL yet. Just handling the information back and forth should be enlightening. For example, I'm thinking I really need to keep everything together, no 'layers' really. They can be derived from different classes, but I can't isolate them based on it.

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