Saturday, June 18, 2011

At last, progress!

Well, there's quite a bit that has happened since my last post here. As I was saying, I had decided to settle on SFML to handle context creation and interaction with the OS. After deciding on it, I thought long and hard about the program's structure, the basic design of the classes and the like.

I want to think that I came up with a solid design. It's helped me organice my thoughts and given me clear targets for the programming aspect. I also have to thank the OpenGL SuperBible, 5th Edition, for providing a solid grounding on the basics of graphics programming, and a set of functions that came in handy to deal with some common operations I'll be performing.

Now, what the program actually is doing is not very exciting. Here's a sample of the output:

What is interesting, instead, is how it's doing it.

I won't be describing the design of the program today, but let's just say there's enough material for several posts. It's still subject to change, and I've already identified some aspects of the program that don't entirely fit in the framework, but it's cool stuff.

Oh, I'm also working for real with source control, Git and Mercurial actually. I, err, couldn't make up my mind, so I'm giving both a spin. Also testing their associated sites, GitHub and BitBucket. They have some cool additions besides serving as storage for repositories, like wikis and issue tracking, but I haven't tried those out yet.

I'm very excited about all this.

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