Saturday, October 30, 2010

Project 1 - Moving the camera, part 2

As I was saying in the last post, we will use the SDL to handle key presses and other events. There is a pretty complete tutorial for doing this in the SDL Tutorials page, and I'm going to lift the code from there since I could not possibly do it better. I'm also using the basic framework they offered in the previous tutorial, so it fits in nicely.

I said in the previous update that I would be using the WASD + mouse control scheme. There are a few things to keep in mind when building the camera controls though. For starters, SDL only detects an event when a key is pressed or released. If I want the camera to advance while the 'W' key is pressed, I have to keep track of whether it is currently pressed or not, making the camera move while it is pressed and having it stop when I detect that it has been released. Just something to keep in mind.

Once I have the keyboard commands working, I will get the mouse controls ironed out. To start off, I need to keep track of the camera's position. So I add the camx, camy and camz variables. These will store the current camera position. I also create the boolean variables keyWdown, keyAdown, keySdown, and keyDdown. When polling for events, if I detect one of these keys being pressed I will switch the proper boolean to true, and on a key up event I'll switch it to false again. This has a number of advantages, such as allowing me to detect multiple simultaneous key presses.

Then, on the loop portion of the program, I check the boolean variables. If W is being pressed I move forwards, if A is pressed I move to a side, etc. Doing it quick and dirty, I can get the camera moving on the z and x axis. However, before I add the mouse I will need to figure out what my current facing is, so I can move freely on all axis. I will leave that for tomorrow. For today, having the camera move within the world is a good place to stop.

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