Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simplex Noise, done!

Well, I managed to get this working. It took entirely too long, had to deal with a few silly mistakes, but it is done.

Wow, underwhelming.

Interestingly, it's fairly slow. I'll have to find a few different ways of doing it. I also sort of cheated a bit. After my implementation of the simplex algorithm refused to work (would just produce 0 everywhere) I copied someone else's. I'll work on fixing that.

It's also given me an appreciation of just how computationally intensive it is. When run without compiler optimizations it crawled along, although it's fairly smooth otherwise.

With this worked out, I can work on the next part of the project. That's going to be creating a sphere which is deformed by the noise I generate. The good thing is that only requires calculating the vertices that need it, as opposed to a texture where each pixel has to be done.

Another aspect to look into is combining the noise with itself, to create smaller ripples and such which result in more realistic and detailed, sharper textures.

Finally, I've been looking into getting some kind of Source Control software. I'm torn between Subversion and Git right now. I'll be looking at reviews and the like to help me make a decision.

That's all from me right now.

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